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Jane Marquardt is a activist, grandmother, attorney, seeker of good health, writer, and occasional Huffington Post contributor.


The National Center for Lesbian Rights, Kate Kendell, and The Audacity to Fight for Justice

My wife, Tami, and I were fortunate to be in San Francisco for the 41st anniversary celebration of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR).   Along with celebrating NCLR’s work, the 2,000 plus people gathered at the Palace of Fine Arts were honoring my long-term friend Kate (Kathy) Kendell as she retires at the end of 2018 from 22 years of being the Executive Director of NCLR.   Along with tributes to Kate, the program gave special honors to the two plaintiffs in Doe vs. Trump, the NCLR lawsuit challenging President Trump’s ban on transgendered people serving in the military.  Listening to these two individuals (ages 20 and 22) address the crowd, I was inspired and realized that we really are now living in a world that Kate Kendell helped create. 

TAMI On Give out day

Tami Marquardt is the vice president of Plan-B’s Board of Trustees. She and her wife Jane have been involved with Plan-B since 2001 and are the largest private contributors to the company via their Peace & Possibility Project.

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Pushing boundaries – daring and bold – is how I viewed Plan-B Theatre back in 2001 when they brought THE LARAMIE PROJECT to the stage in Salt Lake City.

Jane and I had recently been blessed in our Union by our Unitarian minister in a time when sodomy was still on the books and same-sex marriage was a little more than an unspoken fantasy.


huffington post: With a little help from my friends

When the Beatles first released the song With a Little Help from my Friends, I was almost 16 years old. Now, at age 65, my oldest grandchild is almost 16 years old. If there is one thing I really want to impress upon him, it is to pay special attention to those friendships he is now making in high school. (I would also tell him to study hard and cultivate his athletic skills, but he already does that, so it’s the “hang onto your friends” skill that I want to emphasize.)...


Peace. Love. Opportunity.

The specific notion of equality extends beyond just fair treatment under the law and into the realm of equal access to opportunities for all people to achieve their full potential.