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From the director/producer of FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO comes a new film that continues the conversation about the impact of religious belief on the lives of LGBTQ people. It challenges the far-right’s use of the Bible and the U.S. Constitution to fight against equality for LGBTQ citizens and takes on the horrors of reparative therapy.

Over the past few years, there’s been a great deal of progress towards fairness for LGBTQ people. Since marriage equality became the law of the land in 2015, however, the backlash from the right has been swift and severe.

By telling the stories of families caught up in this conflict and informed by the wisdom of a number of religious and constitutional thinkers, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO shows the way forward through love, reconciliation and acceptance.

More information: www.forweknow.org.

Film is a powerful way to tell a story. Filmmaker Dan Karslake is widely recognized for his leadership in bringing issues of the LGBTQ community and poverty to life through film and television. He is highly acclaimed and an award-winning producer for his role in In the Life, which aired nationally on PBS. Karslake’s films play a critical role in spreading awareness of some of the largest and most pressing issues of our time. Jane and Tami are proud to support him and his work.



Produced in 2007, For the Bible Tells Me So explores the perceived conflict between homosexuality and Christianity. The film follows religious and politically conservative families with children who have come out as LGBTQ. By interviewing “very normal and insightful people” about their experience of their child coming out as gay, the film offers healing, clarity, and understanding of the perceived and created pressures between the religious right and homosexuality. The impact on family dynamics, social standing, and religious piety are also examined throughout the film.

More information: www.forthebibletellsmeso.org.




Every Three Seconds takes a close look at hunger and extreme poverty in different parts of the world. According to UNICEF, a person dies of starvation every three seconds, typically children under the age of five. The film chronicles five people from countries all over the globe who are making a difference in the wake of this terrible epidemic. The film educates, inspires, and calls to action people to address world hunger.

More information: www.everythreeseconds.net