Honoring Kate Kendell - Key to the City Ceremony

Hugging KateKendall.jpg

Yesterday, I was honored to be part of the Key to the City Ceremony honoring my good friends Kate Kendell and Bruce Bastian.  The Key to the City is presented to people who have used their voices, talents, or resources to improve the local community in a significant way, and both of these individuals are well deserving. 

Kate and I met in 1980.  I was practicing law in Ogden and running for the state legislature, and Kate was a stellar debate student at Weber State who helped me on my campaign.  Over the years, Kate and I have shared many caucuses and adventures.  While I was originally the more experienced one, Kate quickly surpassed me.   In 1994, Kate became the legal director at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and two years later was named the Executive Director. 

Anytime Kate speaks at a conference, or an event, she always has a swarm of fans around her.  Why?  Because in addition to her eloquence, brilliance, and strategic thinking about civil rights, she has a magnetic ability to make people feel appreciated, to make them feel needed, to make them feel loved.  It is that ability that makes her shine.  It was an honor to honor Kate Kendell.