Peace and Possibility Project continues support for YWCA of Utah

uwwbi-ywca-horiztonal border 2016.jpg

The YWCA of Utah has been a voice for women, a force for change and a place for hope since 1906.  In May 2013 YWCA Utah began the nonpartisan Utah Women’s Well-Being Initiative.  The purpose of the initiative is to strengthen the well-being of Utah women across important dimensions of their lives through research, education, collaboration, and public policy – so that women flourish, their families and communities thrive, and Utah prospers.

In 2015, YWCA hired its first Public Policy Advocacy and Outreach Director, and since then has made significant inroads for Utah women at the legislative level, beginning to lobby on behalf of the initiative and the YWCA.  They have also begun important research on the impact of women with Utah Valley University, as well as launched a policy newsletter to keep women more informed about public policy that affects Utah families.  

In 2018, the Peace and Possibility Project will continue to support the YWCA of Utah with a yearend grant.  For more information about the Women’s Well Being Initiative, please visit