Jane Marquardt founds Peace & Possibility Speaker Series at Weber State

Ogden, Utah – February 12, 2015: Today, Weber State University’s LGBT Resource Center founded the Marquardt Peace & Possibility Speaker Series, an effort made possible by a generous donation from the Jane & Tami Marquardt Peace & Possibility Project.  The series aims to bring high profile LGBT leaders and advocates to the university to provide cultural opportunities, enhance the “welcomeness” and inclusion on campus, and cultivate the “ally” community.

“Ogden and Weber State will always be close to my heart,” stated Jane Marquardt.  “For decades, Weber State has been the leader in northern Utah in promoting conversations surrounding diversity and the LGBT community.   I am so proud of the leadership demonstrated by Weber State, and the opportunities the university is opening for people of all backgrounds throughout Utah.”

“Jane and Tami’s donation is helping making our center possible,” stated Jayson Stokes, LGBT Resource Center Coordinator.  “We greatly appreciated generous support of the Ogden and LGBT community as we open and expand the Resource Center at Weber State.”

Jane and Tami’s gift is the first significant endowment to be set up as part of Weber State’s newly founded LGBT Resource Center.  The endowment is Jane Marquardt’s second major gift the university.  She is also the founder of the Phoenix Achievement Scholarship for Women.  Jane’s engagement with Weber State dates back to the early 1980’s when she worked as an adjunct professor for a community education course and served on the university’s Board of Trustees.

Weber State’s LGBT Resource Center opened on January 27, 2015.  Its primary purpose is to consolidate resources and advocate for LGBT students on and off the Weber State campus.  More information on Weber State’s LGBT Resource Center can be found online at Weber State University and the Ogden Standard Examiner.

The Jane & Tami Marquardt Peace and Possibility Project supports causes that stimulate inclusion and promote the spirit of equality and opportunity.  The fund invests in organizations that ensure legal access for those in need, advocate and support the LGBT Community, and provide services and advancement opportunities for women.  Jane is a founding member of the LGBT Community Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Utah, Vice Chair of Management & Training Corporation, former member of Weber State University’s Board of Trustees, and graduate of Ogden High School.