Plan-B: Social Change Through The Arts

Since 1991, Plan-B has dedicated itself to creating a unique place in Salt Lake’s community for socially conscious and innovative theatre. Plan-B focuses on Utah playwrights and local talent to produce performances that reflect the community in order to elicit conversation, new perspectives, and to create a new form of understanding.

Plan B’s 25th Season is not unlike any other – it is full of incredible actors, playwrights, directors, and important social issues. This season the community can look forward to Booksmart, by Rob Tennant – a dark comedy about working retail over the holidays, underemployment, income inequality, job insecurity, and debt. Surely, anyone who has glanced at a newspaper since 2008 will know that the issue of economic inequality is one that impacts us all and dismantles the very notion a democracy and the possibility of anyone achieving the American Dream. This type of theatre shines a new light on social and economic issues – one that can only be shown on stage.

Also coming up is Kingdom of Heaven by Jenifer Nii and David Evanoff. Supported in part by the Peace & Possibility Project this is a production about the quest for self-acceptance in a culture focused on perfection and one Mormon housewife’s desire to do it in drag. Given the current political climate and intersection of LGBTQ issues and the Mormon Church in Utah, this play could not be more important. It is through productions such as this one where all in our community can learn people’s unique stories and perspectives, and provide a bridge to bring the community together.

For many years, Plan-B has told powerful stories through theater and changing lives. Jane and Tami are proud to support Plan-B and their ongoing efforts to bringing awareness to important social issues, and to use the arts to promote change.

Please go enjoy Plan-B’s wonderful season and support change through the arts.