YWCA of Utah kicks off Women's Policy & Advocacy Position

Jane Marquardt, Tami Marquardt, & Ann Burkholder

Jane Marquardt, Tami Marquardt, & Ann Burkholder

When women thrive, so too do those that surround them.  It is when women are safe, free, healthy, educated, economically secure, and are able to influence key decisions, that their strength benefits their families and their communities.

The YWCA in Utah has long committed themselves to the well-being of women, and provided support so women can flourish. The well-being of Utah women is fundamental to the health of our families and communities, and helps Utah to be more economically vibrant, educated, caring, and inclusive. In order to achieve these goals and support women to their fullest, the YWCA has created their first, full time public policy advocacy and outreach position in the organization working exclusively on women’s issues in 110 years. Tami and I are thrilled to support this position.

Since Utah has been recognized as one of the lowest performing states for women, the creation of this position is a great accomplishment. This position will develop the YWCA’s distinctive voice to engage and advance work for the well-being of women in Utah through research, education, collaboration, and advocacy.  It will help address the critical issues of Utah’s wage-gap, lower the number of women living in poverty, expand secondary and higher education opportunities, and promote safe relationships and marriages where a woman’s mental and physical health can thrive.  This work is deeply rooted in the YWCA’s historic identity and after 10 years of trying to have a more policy role in women’s issues, it is finally a reality.

We are proud to support the YWCA of Utah and hope that others will offer support as well.  We know that the creation of this position is long overdue and will help women have a unique voice in public policy and advocacy, something much needed in Utah.

To learn more about the public policy position or contribute to support its launch, visit www.ywca.org.