Tami on GiveOUTDay



Tami Marquardt is the vice president of Plan-B’s Board of Trustees. She and her wife Jane have been involved with Plan-B since 2001 and are the largest private contributors to the company via their Peace & Possibility Project.

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Pushing boundaries – daring and bold – is how I viewed Plan-B Theatre back in 2001 when they brought THE LARAMIE PROJECT to the stage in Salt Lake City.

Jane and I had recently been blessed in our Union by our Unitarian minister in a time when sodomy was still on the books and same-sex marriage was a little more than an unspoken fantasy.

We were so intent on being recognized as a couple that I changed my surname to Marquardt in an attempt to be say to the world:  “We are a couple.  We mean it, we mean it, we really really mean it!”

So you might imagine how my heart leapt up when we were sitting in the audience on opening night of THE LARAMIE PROJECT and,  just before the show, Jerry Rapier announced that Jane & Tami Marquardt were funders of the play.  The gasp in the audience was from me!  I was so moved by our first out-loud-and-proud public recognition as a married couple that I literally had tears in my eyes.

It is a timeless time spot that I will always remember and I have been a dedicated Plan-B Groupie ever since.  Jane and I are devoted contributors to Plan-B.  I truly love this little theatre company – still daring, bold and pushing boundaries.