Peace and Possibility Project supports And Justice for All in 2018


And Justice for All (AJFA) is a nonprofit created in 1998 by Utah’s primary providers of civil legal services – Disability Law Center, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake and Utah Legal Services. Despite having differing missions, these three agencies shared a common vision of creating equal access to our system of justice in Utah. 

Tami and I are so pleased to support AJFA and recently attended their Justice Rising Breakfast where AJFA recognized the incredible work done by the long-time Executive Director, Kai Wilson.  The work being done by AJFA is changing lives and changing laws.  Here is just one of AJFA’s client success stories:  

Bill and Jim had been living together for six months when they got into an argument. When Bill tried to leave the room and go to bed, Jim physically assaulted him—punching him in the face, scratching and biting him and preventing him from leaving. A neighbor heard the commotion and came to see what was going on. When Jim tried to attack Bill again, the neighbor stood between them. Jim was then asked to leave, but when going, he lunged at Bill again and they both fell down the stairs. Bill called police and they responded with a victim advocate. Although Bill had serious physical injuries, Jim was not arrested, but simply asked to leave the residence. Bill did not feel safe. The victim advocate referred Bill to Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake for a protective order.  Bill went to the courthouse and met with a Legal Aid paralegal, who conducted an intake interview, had the case reviewed and approved by an attorney, and filed a protective order for Bill. Legal Aid Society’s attorney represented Bill at the protective order hearing which Jim contested. After presenting argument and the police report, the protective order was granted. 

The partnership between the three individual organizations provides a stable and consistent source of legal services for those who cannot afford legal representation because of disability, poverty, age, migrant status, or race.  For the last 15 years, Kai Wilson has lead the organization, and was recognized at the Justice Rising Breakfast.  Kai has grown the capacity and size of AJFA and built the organization up to be successful and really give legal aid to those that need it most. As noted by Legal Aid Director Stewart Ralphs in his tribute to Kai, "Kai is unsurpassed in his ability to bring people and organizations together to make the most meaningful impacts possible."

The Peace and Possibility Project is pleased to support And Justice for All with a significant gift for 2018.  To find out more about the important work that And Justice for All is doing, please visit: