Support Our Schools Now!


Right now, Utah students are learning with fewer resources than ever. This results in burdensome classroom sizes, stagnant student learning and most importantly, reduced opportunities for our children.  Utah can do better, and we must. 

This year, Utahns will have the choice to increase Utah’s education funding to an adequate level by voting YES on nonbonding option question 1.

Our Schools Now:

  • Calls for a 10 cent increase in the state gas tax
  • Allocates each Utah school an additional $150 per enrolled student
  • Empowers local parents, teachers and principals to make investment decisions that are best for students of each school
  • Requires funding to be invested in ways that improve student achievement
  • Measures student progress annually to ensure proper uses of funding
  • Prepares students for tomorrow’s opportunities by providing high-quality education

And How will this help Utah Students?

Tami and I are proud to be part of the vast list of supporters of Our Schools Now.  I hope you’ll join us by voting YES on nonbonding option question 1!