"and Justice for all" celebrates 20 years


Last week, “and Justice for all” celebrated their 20 year anniversary at the 2019 Justice Rising Breakfast. 

This year the breakfast had over 600 attendees, and gave Justice Visionary Awards to the Utah Bar Foundation, the Utah State Bar, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the George S and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation.  

 “and Justice for all” was started in 1999 as a collaborative partnership program between Utah’s largest providers of civil legal aid – Utah Legal Services, Disability Law Center, and Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake.  They undertook this collaboration with a mission to increase awareness to civil legal services for the disadvantaged and for individuals with disabilities in Utah. 

The programs “and Justice for all” supports are vital to the success of our community and serve clients like the family who unfairly lost its benefits and is one eviction notice away from being homeless, the person with a disability facing discrimination at work, and the mother caught in a cycle of domestic violence with nowhere else to turn. 

Recently, “and Justice for all” partner the Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake helped a single mother of two, Melissa, secure a protective order against her abusive husband and also negotiated a divorce settlement giving her sole custody of her two children as well as financial support. 

Tami and I were proud to contribute to the acquisition of the "and Justice for all" building 20 years ago, and are happy to be able to continue our support. Having started my legal career at Utah Legal Services in 1976, I know how important it is to offer access to justice for those who otherwise could not afford legal assistance.

If you, or someone you know needs the services of “and Justice for all” please visit andjusticeforall.org to learn more, or get involved in this important work.