YWCA hires Women’s Public Policy and Advocacy Position

Welcome Erin Jemison and congratulations to the YWCA!

Fueled by data and research from the Women’s Policy Research Institute’s The Well-Being of Women in Utah, a number of women advocates and leaders met last fall and identified the need for deeper research, understanding, and advocacy in Utah around issues of women’s safety, economic empowerment, and health. The YWCA has stepped up and Tami and I are excited to see the organization hire its first Women’s Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator.

Erin Jemison, a veteran of non-profit advocacy and organizing, previously served as the Executive Director of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA), a Victim Advocacy Representative, and Chairperson of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board. Throughout her tenure at CCASA, Erin led initiatives to strengthen public policy and ensure that survivors received comprehensive services and that offenders were held appropriately accountable.

As Director, Erin will focus on social and economic issues related to the quality of women’s lives in Utah. The role includes developing and implementing mission-based strategies to promote effective collaboration, educate the general public, and influence constructive policy changes by working with policymakers, and community leaders. This position plays a key role in developing the YWCA’s Utah Women’s Well-Being Initiative (UWWBI), which advances the well-being of Utah women in key dimensions of their lives through research, issue education, collaboration, and public policy advocacy.

Erin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from William Smith College and a Master’s in Public Administration from Montana State University.

Peace and Possibility Project is a proud sponsor of the YWCA and we were happy to provide seed funding for this position. We’d like to congratulate the YWCA and their staff as well for successfully pulling together the additional resources and finding a great candidate for the position. To find out more information, please visit www.ywcautah.org.