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Jane Marquardt is a activist, grandmother, attorney, seeker of good health, writer, and occasional Huffington Post contributor.

The Pavan Family, photo by NCLR

The Pavan Family, photo by NCLR

The latest NCLR supreme court victory

Justice for same-sex couples in Arkansas! In June, the National Center for Lesbian Rights won their most recent Supreme Court battle, Pavan v. Smith. NCLR represented two married same-sex couples who sued the state of Arkansas for refusing to put the names of both parents on their children’s birth certificates. NCLR argued that it was unconstitutional discrimination that violates Obergefel v. Hodges, the 2015 case that legalized gay marriage in the United States

huffington post: My Family’s Expedition into Disconnection

Do you ever feel like an endless stream of 10-second bits of information has overtaken your life? Does this sound familiar: email from your boss, Facebook like, Twitter post, international news flash, weather alert... 

Power of Your Purse 2017 - Empowering Girls Through Science, Tech...

Every year, The United Way of Salt Lake hosts its annual Power of Your Purse Gala, raising funds for and celebrating the work of the Women's Leadership Council. The efforts of the Women's Leadership Council are focused upon...

Peace. Love. Opportunity.

The specific notion of equality extends beyond just fair treatment under the law and into the realm of equal access to opportunities for all people to achieve their full potential.