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Jane Marquardt is a activist, grandmother, attorney, seeker of good health, writer, and occasional Huffington Post contributor.


global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the “Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit” in Silver Spring, Md.  Organized by Making Cents International, the conference had 500 attendees from 16 countries. It was exciting to have Management & Training Corporation (MTC) play a visible role in this conference, both though participation on panels and through being a sponsor.  

Several MTC team members spoke about the challenges and opportunities faced by young people attempting to enter the workforce.  They included Greg Niblett, the Vice President of MTC’s Economic & Social Development division, Bonnie Barhyte, Director of Programs, Diane Crosby, Director of Program Development,  Mina Kamal, Career Guidance Advisor, Egypt Workforce Improvement & Skills Enhancement (WISE) project, Cairo, and Kamira Noreldin, National Project Officer with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Egypt and also formerly with MTC’s Egypt WISE project.

Ending Conversion Therapy in Utah

In Utah, the leading cause of death for young people ages 10-19 is suicide. 

In 2018, Governor Gary Herbert created a Suicide Task Force to begin discussing ways to lower the suicide rate in Utah.  Since then, Equality Utah has been working with the Governor’s Office to not only lower the suicide rate, but also to end the harmful practice of conversation therapy, that has been shown to increase suicide rates and suicidal thoughts among those subjected to it.  

According to the Trevor Project, a national organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth and young adults, LGBTQ youth are particularly vulnerable to suicide ideation.  A 2018 study from Dr. Caitlin Ryan at the Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State found that among LGBT youth who reported that parents and therapists had subjected them to conversion therapy experienced more than double the rate of depression and nearly triple the rate of suicide attempts. 


The Status of Women in Utah & the Annual YWCA Policy Summit

The YWCA of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, continues their impressive mission of empowering women and eliminating racism, as will as their advocacy efforts at the State and national level.  This month the organization held its annual Policy Summit.  Each year, policy makers, community leaders, and researchers come together for a solution focused dialogue and innovative problem solving.  This conference is an opportunity to elevate the conversation around critical issues, develop shared understanding, and explore lasting and inclusive change for women, girls, and families in Utah.

This year, the conference opened with the release of the Institute of Women’s Policy Research's annual report on the status of women.  Notably, this year, the number of women working outside the home continues to increase, now slightly surpassing the rate of women’s labor market participation in the country as a whole. The percentage of women working part-time in Utah is still the highest in the nation

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The specific notion of equality extends beyond just fair treatment under the law and into the realm of equal access to opportunities for all people to achieve their full potential.