YWCA of Utah


The YWCA Utah is dedicated to ensuring women thrive and promoting an environment where there is peace and dignity for every individual. The organization has a long history of being an advocate for social change.

Since 1906, the YWCA Utah has been a community institution and an effervescent voice for women. Tami and Jane Marquardt and the YWCA share the belief that when women are safe, free, healthy, educated, economically secure, and have the opportunity to influence key decisions, the success of all individuals will radiate throughout the community. Since YWCA’s inception, the organization has been a force for change through innovative programs that support and advance the rights of women.

For the first time in 110 years, YWCA has their first, full time public policy advocacy and outreach position working exclusively on women’s issues. The position is made possible by Jane and Tami’s Peace and Possibility Project and marks an important step in ensuring women have a unique voice in public policy and advocacy – something much needed in Utah. This position allows for exclusive engagement on issues such as women living in poverty, expanding education opportunities, the wage gap, and safe home environments for women. With 18 Months experience now, the new public policy advocacy and outreach position is working on a new initiative called the Women's Well Being initiative.  The Peace and Possibility Project is proud to continue supporting this important work. 

When women succeed, so too does the community. When women are strong, they strengthen their families. When women are fairly treated, the place in which they live is thoughtful, safe, and kind. It is time for women to have a stronger voice on Capitol Hill, and in every political and policy decisions that impacts them in Utah.

To learn more about the public policy position or to contribute and support its launch, please visit www.ywca.org.